Handcrafted pieces, for unique jungles

Take your Jungle to Nirvana

We want to help you create a unique, different green sanctuary. Magical. A place of peace and calm to disconnect from all this kaos. Between plants, light and clay.

Mini Indoor Plants

Discover our mini indoor plants. ECO and locally grown at our greenhouse, with Cocotakos. Without plastics. Perfect for your mini clay pots.


Km Zero Clay


95% of the clays we use come from spanish quarries, thus reducing our carbon footprint by tens of thousands of kilometers. Especially from quarries from Galicia and Teruel, areas of great diversity of minerals in Spain.

Imperfect; No two are the same

Unique pieces

We were inspired by the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi. An aesthetic concept based on the beauty of imperfection, the natural and the everyday. We believe that the beauty of an object is not in the object itself, but in the story it tells.

Hand Crafted

Foil technique

Each pot goes through a craft process of more than 28 steps. From the mixing of the clay, passing through the cutting and joining of sheets, the border ... to the final firing and waterproofing of the pieces.

Care tips for your plants